Senior Level — Executive Training Program (ETP)

This dynamic 6 week course is for Senior Executives whose earning potential is greater than $100,000/yr. The ETP is not the typical, lecture-based program. This is an intense, interactive program designed for those individuals who are ready to work and are serious about their future.

Once the application is reviewed and approved, a participant will be invited to join a select group interested in long term stability and growth. This program will sharpen current skills and offer new skills that can be utilize for the rest of the participant life. Presented from the viewpoint of the hiring professionals and decision makers, this program is unlike anything else available.

This course is for: anyone presently looking for a new employment opportunity or interested in making a change to their current income level or position. The opportunities are limited, requiring as many advantages as possible to be recognized as a value.

Participants should be ready to roll up their sleeves and get down to work. Anyone can be an employee. Most employees are just considered to be commodities. A graduate of the CSI Executive Training Program should have the skills and knowledge to become an asset, a true value desired by companies worldwide. The Executive Training Program will include:

  • Personal Value Propositions
  • Image Consulting
  • Personal Branding
  • Systemized Marketing
  • Building Value Through Words
  • Understanding Questions and Body Language
  • Understanding What is Desired Rather Than What is Stated
  • Know The Hiring Professionals’ Criteria and Why You Exceed It
  • Presentation Perfection

The course is intended for a small group, which will never contain more than seven people. The Executive Training Program is designed to offer a one-on-one environment. The participant, the facilitator, and the others will interact in a customized and highly focused program. Upon completion, the participant should have the skills to enter an interview with confidence and the ability to represent themselves as a desirable asset.

Neil Kohrn, founder of Communications Strategists, Inc.
Neil S. Kohrn
President and Founder

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